Election! An Interactive Documentary

The forthcoming multimedia documentary Election! An Interactive Documentary allows the viewser to explore the ways in which mediatic flows generated and reinforced narratives and counternarratives in particularly problematic ways during this volatile election cycle and how access and interaction to/with these discourses effectively amplified their ideological effects. The process of “liking,” sharing, and anonymously commenting has created a perversely “democratic” culture where vitriol and hate speech have been freely circulating as a sort of cultural, political, or affective capital. This interactive project positions the viewser within a sample microcosm of the larger mediaverse in an attempt to illustrate the ways in which the dispersal of “news” sources—I’m using this term quite broadly to incorporate memes, comments, articles, etc.—both allows for more open and critical approaches to national and international events yet paradoxically generates, perpetuates, and quickly disperses diverse propagandistic narratives that shut down any avenue for sensible political discourse.