VR Fun

Well, it happened. I got fed up with the limitations of Google Cardboard and bought a slightly higher end VR viewing contraption. Before discussing exactly what VR device I’m playing around with now, I want to point out what, to me, was a very significant problem with Google Cardboard and why I made the relatively small investment in a new headset. While I was really impressed with the VR experience (mostly playing with the NY Times VR app but I’ll get around to that in a bit), the focus was soft, not terribly so, but just enough to keep me from total immersion. So, I went shopping….


The big difference between Google Cardboard and the HooToo “VR Box” is the ability to adjust for pupillary distance and near/farsightedness. This worked quite well for me and the experience has been much more enjoyable. That said, the HooToo viewing area feels slightly smaller horizontally and light leak is a bit of an issue but the ability to focus more than makes up for these minor annoyances.

I’m still exploring VR apps but so far the NY Times VR app has been interesting along with Discovery VR. I’ve played with short advertisement style apps like Insidious III and The Walk which were fun but don’t call for repeat viewings. Looking forward to some interesting and innovative approaches to this form of production in the future.

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